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Sergio Dalma is a Spanish pop singer. He was born as Josep Sergi Capdevila Querol on September 28, 1964 in Sabadell (near Barcelona).


Professional career

Sergio Dalma started his career singing in bands and doing chorus, until he won the TV program "Gent d'aqui", in the Catalan station of TVE, which won him a regular contract to sing in the Shadows night-club in Barcelona. Sergio signed up with the record company Horus, and edited his first album, "Esa chica es mia", in 1989. Though it wasn't very successful, the company gave him another chance with "Sintiéndonos la piel", in 1991. That same year, Sergio Dalma was chosen to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Bailar Pegados", where he finished in the 4th position. This was his call to fame.

One year later, he published "Adivina", which arrived to number one in charts thanks to the song "Ave Lucía". Afterwards, he signed with Polygram, with whom he edited four albums, and later with his current record company, Universal, with whom he has published another four.

Sergio Dalma has sung in Spanish for most of his career, but being born in Catalonia (Spain) he speaks Catalan too. His last two albums, "Lo Mejor de Sergio Dalma" and "Todo Lo Que Quieres", contain songs in Catalan. This album also contains songs in Galician and he has also sung in Italian.

Personal life

Sergio Dalma married Maribel Sanz on February 22, 1994. His only son, Sergio, was born on August 18, 1995. The couple later divorced, and Maribel became, for a while, a regular of celebrity magazines and TV programs.


* Via Dalma (2010) Spain 3xPlatinum
* Trece (Thirteen, 2010) Spain Platinum
* A Buena Hora (At good time, Universal, 2008) Spain Platinum
* Todo Lo Que Quieres (All you want, Universal, 2005)
* Lo Mejor de Sergio Dalma 1989-2004 (The Best of Sergio Dalma, Universal, 2004)
* De Otro Color (Of another colour, Universal, 2003)
* Nueva Vida (New life, Universal, 2000)
* Historias Normales (Normal Stories, Polygram, 1998)
* En Concierto (In Concert, Polygram, 1996, Double CD)
* Cuerpo a Cuerpo (Hand-to-hand, Polygram, 1995)
* De Colección (Collectible, Polygram, 1994)
* Sólo Para Ti (Only for you, 1993)
* Adivina (Guess, Horus 1992)
* Sintiéndonos la piel (Feeling our skin, Horus, 1991)
* Esa chica es mía (That girl is mine, Horus, 1989)

The 1991 Spanish Eurovision representative will be treating his fans in Madrid and Barcelona to a concert in order to conclude the promo tour of his latest album Via Dalma. Sergio's latest album features all time Italian hits sung in Spanish. Sergio Dalma is still very popular in Spain, his concerts are always sold out. His Eurovision entry Bailar Pegados has become all time favourite and a classic among Spanish listeners.

Sergio Dalma will be concluding his tour next fall in Madrid and Barcelona. A concert is scheduled in Madrid on the 14th of October at the Palacio de Deportes, whilst the Spanish artist will conclude his tour in Barcelona on the 21st of October at the Palau de St. Jordi.

Sergio kicked off his tour in Chile early this year and has travelled throughout Spain promoting his latest album Via Dalma and treating his fans to his melodious voice and latest songs. Via Dalma has been a massive hit and the album has received great reviews.

Sergio Dalma represented Spain at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Bailar Pegados, which came 4th. The song was also released in French and Italian after the Eurovision Song Contest in Rome.

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